Guide to Wearing Pink nail colors

At one point everything female owned is pink. Mothers would buy their daughters pink pencils and pens or the perfect pink pillowcase. Let’s call it another pink takeover. Pink is back! It took a rest to revamp and replenish and it has even more colorful power now.

If pink has taken over your apartment or house, wardrobe and desk accessories, it means only one things – you are weak for the color pink and we won’t be surprised to see pink nail colors on you.

No look is complete without pink nail colors. Extending the color to your manicure is easy. The choices are so many! Your Instagram pictures will not look the same, but seven better now. In that case, you will want to pay attention to our guide for wearing pink nail colours.

Which Pink Nail Colors to Buy?

We went on the hunt for pink nail colors. We found too many, so we had to shorten the list of pink and share the best ones. Pink comes in many different shades from hot bright pinks, dusty and pastel to creamy with hints of coral. All of these colors belong on your nails.

  • Pink Ponies Dancing is such a name that you will want to buy this nail color. It is truly bedazzling and can be worn as an overlayer to jazz up any base cost. Great sparkle!
  • Morgan Taylor’s New Romance is a soft pink. It is calming and soothing.
  • Marc Jacobs takes pink to a new level of shine! This champagne pink polish glistens. This polish is ready for party and date night.
  • Christian Louboutin Mini Nail Colour is not exactly Orthodox, but still in the pink family. Mix up your view on pink and try something new.
  • Essie Gel Couture in Stitch by Stitch 50 is not delicate and that’s the attraction. It is also LED-free, but still gives a rich color with a shiny too coat. Even if you do it yourself it will look as if a professional manicurist did the job.
  • Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Nail Color in Pink Button reminds you of the hours you played with your Barbie. It is the quintessential pink that reminds you of miniature doll bedrooms and little cars at Barbie sat in. But this polish is all grown up. Add this color and it will last a while on youour nails.

Nails are a fashion accessory. You do not plan an outfit without including your nails being manicured. Nail art and upkeep is easiky applied at home or at a nail salon. Takin care of the nails used to be something considered to be frivolous, but now it is a part of your wardrobe choices. Think pink nail colors and add more to your ensemble.

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