Bianca Miller London Launches Fishnet Collection in Topshop


Heels and Hosiery: Lucy Choi and Bianca Miller-Cole on Taking Risks

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Bianca Miller London Launches 5 Nude Hues Collection

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23 female entrepreneurs under 30 who are bossing life

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Bianca Miller Breaks into Topshop

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Topshop takes on Bianca Miller Hosiery

Conversations about her

Bianca Miller London Now Available in Topshop

Lady Wimbledon 2017

apprentice star bianca miller new hosiery coming to elys

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UK News: Entrepreneur Bianca Miller Launches New Gel Nail Varnish Collection

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The Making of Her: Bianca Miller Cole

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bianca miller london launches fishnets into topshop

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Key Tips for Business from Bianca Miller-Cole

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Founder of  Luxury Tights Business for women of all shades launches nail varnish range in a bid to continue redefinition of Nude

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New year, new job, Hate your job and want a fresh start? Follow our experts’ guide and make your dream job a reality in 2017

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Is this the end of saggy uncomfortable tights?

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Bianca Miller Breaks into Topshop 

Lingerie Insight

Topshop takes on Bianca Miller hosiery

Drapers 2016

Apprentice Runner-up introduces hosiery brand to Topshop

Young Empire 2016

Topshop to stock Bianca Miller’s nude tights range suitable for black women

Young Empire 2016

Apprentice star Bianca Miller to help nurture next generation of entrepreneurs

Young Empire 2016

Apprentice star’s nude hosiery line suitable for black women now stocked in Selfridges

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5 black businesses to buy from on black friday

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bianca miller launches with topshop from 27th august 2016

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Entrepreneur bianca miller talks tights and business with tbb

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topshop to stock hosiery line for women of all complexions

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bianca miller. The power of fresh thinking and purpose.

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bianca miller to host mastermind seminar in london

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Bianca Miller London Launches in Topshop

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Topshop to Stock Nude Tights Range Suitable for Black Women

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The Apprentice Idea thats got Some Legs

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Has the Lingerie Industry Solved it’s Problem with Skin Tone

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The 7 Types of Tights you need in the winter

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Bianca Miller and CBBC- The Nubian Times exclusive


Bianca Miller London to launch nude tights in Selfridges

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Bianca Miller London Nude Hosiery Range Now Available In Selfridges

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"The woman redefining the term nude"
“The woman redefining the term nude”

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Meet the former Apprentice contestant who is transforming tights

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Newly launched: Bianca Miller London – The Hosiery Brand Created To Redefine Nude

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The Apprentice runner-up turns dream into reality with hosiery brand for professionals

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My fashion life – Bianca Miller

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The Apprentice’s Bianca Miller is getting into tights – but will Lord Sugar be joining her?

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Dream big! The Apprentice runner-up Bianca Miller urges new entrepreneurs to aim high

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Bianca Miller: ‘I Welcome Healthy Competition’


The Apprentice final: Bianca Miller goes it alone with tights business after losing to Mark Wright

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Apprentice star Bianca Miller launches tights business


The Apprentice 2014: Bianca Miller plans to launch tight business on her own


Bianca Miller looks set to flog her tights despite missing out on Apprentice victory

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I lost The Apprentice but won’t lose my dream of ‘nude’ tights for all skin tones

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Lord Sugar gets it wrong hiring Wright: The old fashioned virtues of tights lose out to the internet in the final of The Apprentice

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Bianca Miller Speaker Session

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An Exclusive with Bianca Miller. Setting the Right Tone for Business

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Exclusive with Bianca Miller

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Inspiring Women interview with Bianca Miller

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Making It Happen:Bianca Miller

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In Conversation with Bianca Miller

Lingerie insight 2015

apprentice star launches nude tights in selfridges

Lingerie insight 2015

apprentice finalist launches ‘nude’ hosiery label

Young Empire 2015

Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller launches range of nude hosiery for black women

The croydon advertiser 2015

apprentice runner-up bianca miller hails new centre and admits she may return to croydon

The croydon advertiser 2015

apprentice finalist bianca miller to kick off croydon black history month

The croydon advertiser 2015

the apprentice star from croydon who’s proving lord sugar wrong

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newly launched: bianca miller london – the hosiery brand created to redefine nude

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the apprentice finalist launches crowdfund campaign for ‘nude’ hosiery label

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the apprentice: bianca vs mark the pre-final interview showdown

The croydon advertiser 2014

former croydon school girl bianca miller through to the apprentice final

The croydon advertiser 2014

croydon businesswoman bianca miller to find out if she is lord sugar’s next apprentice

The croydon advertiser 2014

croydon businesswoman bianca miller loses out to mark wright in the apprentice final

The croydon advertiser 2014

apprentice runner-up bianca miller ‘forced’ to take business out of croydon

The croydon advertiser 2014

lord sugar’s runner-up bianca miller to honour croydon’s apprentices

The croydon advertiser 2014

tv business star bianca miller rewards croydon’s best apprentices

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Apprentice readers want Bianca Miller to Win

Digital spy 2014

Apprentice Star Bianca Miller Launches Tights Business

Digital spy 2014

Apprentice Candidate Bianca Miller interview: did Lord Sugar pick the wrong Winner?