Why Not wear Hose Tights?

Hose tights have made a come back. These styles are no longer just for little girls. Now, designs that are more mature are available in plenty at most department stores.

Wearing Hose tights is a way to pull together an outfit. Designs are selected for a theme or for a color scheme. The designs can range from designer brand names to cute pictures of cartoon characters.

Hose tights do make a cool fashion statement, however, there are a few rules to wearing them. Here, we review some of the best ways of wearing Hose tights.

Hose tights

The best Hose tights has a lot of competition.  Black is a basic color. Many ladies choose black as a base for their outfits, as it is also slimming. Every woman wants to appear slim in the right areas.  Below we give a brief review of what ladies liked about each brand:

Best hose tights for day to day life.

In the casual setting is where this type will perform best. Go ahead and make a statement with your favorite hose tights design on your stockings. It is a great conversation starter. Also, this shows you pay attention to the details of your wardrobe. All of the above are best for a casual setting. Dressing up or dressing down, they can all do the job. You can feel confident and relaxed in your casual setting! Have a little fun and choose colors to finish your outfit. Colors can give a punch to an otherwise drab ensemble. With so many choices in tights you do not have to be dull.

Best hose tights for winter

Hose tights can withstand wintertime. Choose a hose tight weight that is best suited for your area. Through choosing a hose tight that makes your legs withstand the cold you can feel more confident. Winter time brings about the need to adjust your approach to how you dress. It may be best to evaluate which types of hose tights are best for the weather you are in. Wearing hose tights with weight could be the best winter accessory.

If your hose tights have some weight to them you are good for the wintertime. If you want to adapt your style to the colder winter months without spending more money of winter clothing, woollen print tights are a must. You can wear these in the middle of winter and enjoy the warmth. Have fun and dress up with animals of all types.

Remember that thicker tights are more slimming, and give sleeker and more sophisticated look. Depending on the occasion, thicker tights do work very well. They can be paired with a short skirt or short dress and keep you warm and stylish. They’re super-versatile and go with different outfits.

Wool tights are considered as an important drawer potential as they offer practicality, especially for those who live in a climate where the weather tends to get chilly.


Hose tights at work.

All hose tights can be worn in the office. That is the best thing about these small accessories. For such a small item we can do so much with them. We can become well put together with the slip of a toes in to the hose tights. Our legs look better and our outfit is now complete.

Having said that, here are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind when wearing hose tights in an office or formal setting:

Have a backup pair of hose tights.  You never know when you will have a snag or tear.

Hose tights are an extension of your wardrobe. Choose clothing colors that compliment your overall outfit.

Choose colors that still match the professional setting. Leave the other colors for your weekends. Unless you work in a creative space where no one will mind the colorful legs.

Any stockings with patterns such as fishnet, lace, or designs were meant for a casual setting.

Bianca miller tights

Bianca Miller London is a new hosiery brand which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions, our range of nude tones have been carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African. Our initial collection includes tights and lace hold-ups, with the collection extending to other complementary products on an evolving basis.

You can find a wide selection of hose tights to suit whatever look you are after.