Toe Nail Polish

We are in love with our nails! Fingernails are pretty, but when the toes are painted its just adds some extra beauty especially during  the summer time when the toes are most on show. So what color is your toe nail polish colors? How do you take care of toe nail polish? Let’s continue reading to find out.

Toe Nail Polish and Care

Many of us may not think highly of our feet and toes, but you do. It is a must to have a pedicure with scrubbed and clean feet when presenting yourself. No amount of toe nail polish can hide the ugliness of dry feet. Moisturizing is a big factor. A another must-do is to have a pedicure done. At home pedicures are OK too.

Follow these steps for clean feet:

  1. Clean and wash your feet with water and soap. Pat dry.
  2. Do your toenails need cutting? Do they need cleaning? Do they need shaping or filing? Follow suit accordingly.
  3. With clean, shaped, and dry toenails, you can move on to apply a base coat! This helps to protect your own nail from the polish chemicals. Your polish wil also last longer.
  4. Put on a thin layer of the polish. Add one more coat of the polish if you feel tyre layer is too thin.
  5. Put on top coat and let it dry.

Nothing will be pretty about your toe nail polish if your feet look atrocious. Foot care is a serious subject. No one wants to end up being a meme of dry feet with no moisture in sight or just not caring about the healthiness of the feet. This approach makes all toe and feet care seem hopeless.

Best Toe Nail Polish Colors

Toe nail polish color selection is a careful one. Does the color compliment skin tone? Will the colors compliment those sandals or the open toe shoes you bought? Which outfits will go best with the toe nail polish you select?

Choosing a toe nail polish is a careful selection. To learn more about what women want on their toes we took to the internet to see the trends.

Rich Browns: This shade of polishes range from earthy brown shades with shimmer to deep chocolates with hints of red. If you are after a rich dark shade why not try the Bianca Miller Gel nail polish in the shade ‘pride’? It is a beautiful color that exudes elegance and sophistication. The ‘Bianca Miller London’ gel collection has been designed with a gel effect base. Our unique formulation provides a creamy, gel like texture, with a volumizing finish and long lasting glossy shine.

Now let’s take a look at some pinks and reds The inspiration behind red and pink nail colors has taken over. Our gel classic nail colour in the shade ‘Love’ looks great against very pale skin or even very deep dark skin. Once again, It is not necessary to kill the ensemble with extra rings nor bracelets. The beauty of red nail polish is that they can shine on their own.



Bianca Miller Nails

Bianca Miller is a London based nail polish brand that caters to women of all complexions. You can find a wide selection of nail polishes to suit whatever look you are after.