Nude tights are making a comeback as a fashion staple suited for this AW15 season. Most recently they have been spotted on high profile celebrities who have increased the popularity of them in the market. The ‘Bianca Miller London’ hosiery collection contributes to the fashion industry by creating a full spectrum of shades that cater to the nude hues missing in the market. Skin tone shades that women previously found a challenge finding.

Nude tights matched with nude shoes lengthen the legs and are at the height of fashion within contemporary society. They have also recently been worn by celebrities including Kate Middleton, which has increased the popularity for their need in the market.

Sheer hosiery has been popular for decades amongst women wanting to have a bare leg appearance but have that finished polish to their outfit, many of whom have used sheer nude hosiery for their work-wear wardrobe.

However, in contemporary society, there is a high buy valium pattaya demand for nude tights to compliment a variety of outfits from work to evening wear.  With various finishes and technologies now available women are encouraged to purchase more tights in their various forms, colours and textures.

For this Autumn-Winter season hosiery buyer for Debenhams, Joanna Townsend quotes “Nude hosiery is a woman’s weapon to fight against the onset of winter, when wearing black opaque tights is too depressing on a golden autumn day”. She agrees that black opaque tights don’t portray elegance.

Bianca Miller was inspired to create a hosiery brand that redefined nude, making it accessible for all women – thus keeping ‘nude’ alive in modern fashion. When women go shopping for nude tights, they are on the look out for a product that truly matches and enhances their natural skin tone.

Gone are the days of ‘American tan’, its time to find a nude that matches you, naked.

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