By Zainab Jalloh

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There is nothing new under the sun and given the cyclical nature of fashion, it wasn’t a a surprise this year when flared jeans, crop tops and floral skater dresses made a comeback on the scene. Even so, 2016 was filled with cult favourites that are in definite need of an upgrade or at least a lie-in in 2017.

#1 Chokers:

A trend that has dominated the streets and graced the necks of everyone who’s anyone is definitely the choker trend. From Kylie Jenner, to Rihanna and the Hadid sisters, you would think that these were the only necklaces in existence. I am slightly embarrassed that I haven’t got my hands on even one. Though, in 2017 I plan to go for a sophisticated choker look by opting for jewel-encrusted chokers or something floral during spring!

Credit: WIREIMAGE/Everett Collection

#2 Frayed Hems:

I didn’t really know this was a thing until a week ago to be honest but I love it! My sister was wearing frayed hem jeans from Zara with a classic tee and I just wanted them. It’s a look that can be both stylish or dressed down.

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#3 Athleisure:

It has been a great advantage to be able to throw on a cropped-hoodie and leggings as every day wear. The athleisure trend has been a world-wide phenomenon and with a poster girl like Gigi Hadid making sports bras and work out gear look sexy, no wonder it’s the most coveted look of 2016!

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