I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the people who have supported the journey to create Bianca Miller London and to ‘redefine nude’, the list of people I should and need to thank is probably too long for this page and I may have missed a few people out – if I have, I am sorry!

So I would like to start by thanking absolutely everyone who has supported me and the brand!

First and foremost thank you to my parents, fiancé, family and friends for always supporting everything I do and for enduring various wearer trials and colour tests.

Thank you to every single person who supported the Crowdfund and enabled me to prove the concept. You are all gems, your patience and support has and is extremely important to me. I hope to continue to build the relationship with all of you and keep you as my wonderful clients here onwards.

Thank you to Eric Musgrave, for everything… you know what I am talking about.

Thank you to Claude and Tony Littner for listening, advising and opening your network to me.

Thank you to Oliver Oguz at Trade Mark Consultants Co. for helping me with all things IP.

Thank you to Nick Hewer and Lord Sugar for supporting the brand via social media.

Thank you to Ambertree Digital for the website, Bev and Daniel – I know I am pedantic, I appreciate your patience… I’m sure this is just the start.

Thank you to Laura Godsal, Sue Harrison and Alex Bernstein for your advice and ear.

Thank you to Hawes and Curtis for supplying the shirts for the photoshoot and for offering your support.

Thank you to my photographer and my absolutely gorgeous models for helping me prove how beautiful diversity is; you really helped to bring the concept to life.

Thank you to Gary and Will for working hard on the logo and packaging design.

Thank you to Louise, Carl and your team for listening to my vision for make up and hair and doing what you do best!

Thank you to my staff in the office for listening to every idea I have and getting on with it with enthusiasm and passion. For the men in my team you have done extremely well to get on-board with the importance of hosiery.

Thank you to Henrietta for working on my PR for the launch and the press who supported me during the Apprentice, during the launch and going forward.

Thank you to my UK manufacturers and UK printing supplier – simply for doing a good job, creating a bespoke set of shades and material combination for me! The next order will be easier…

Thank you to Selfridges for immediately acknowledging the need for increased diversity in hosiery – it is amazing to have you as our first store!

Thank you to  Kab Somo, De Genius, Scott Kinnear, Yuliana Topazaly, Kudzayi Chakahwata, Donnan, Mark Dixon, John Hughes, Akin Thomas, GoodGuy, Alleyne Miller, Arthur Gwagwa for contributing to the brand via the Crowdfund, even though you didn’t want any tights!

Thank to my social media family for every tweet, re-tweet, favourite, comment, like, share, post etc. I appreciate you spreading the word.

Thank you to everyone in my network who continues to support my growth as a businesswoman and the brand.

Thank you to all of the journalists and press who have supported the brand and I, in a world where it is easy to be negative in the media you have been very supportive. I hope to continue this relationship with you.

Thank you to EVERYONE here onwards who buys hosiery from us, tells friends and family, shares pictures via social media and generally supports the brand growth.

Without all of you, this wouldn’t have been possible.