The need for a natural looking colour for every woman is forcing its way through the world of fashion. 6 years ago Michelle Obama wore a ‘nude’ dress to a formal dinner and Princess Kate was also spotted wearing nude tights ever since then the trend started gaining interest, ‘Nude’ has grown to be much more desired no matter the skin tone, however within society nude is considered a ‘pinkish-beige’ colour defined for lighter skin tones; so realizing that your version of “nude” is not the *right* shade is a subtle reminder that you’re different. Nonetheless brands are starting to realise that there are more tones to nude and adjusting to complement the other colours.

In 2013 Louboutin’s launched their Nude collection, and the new expanded version of the range landed in August 2015. Fashion bloggers have said “heels that match your skin colour can be amazingly sexy and basically go with everything” and Christian Louboutin also explained that “nude is not a colour, it’s a concept”. The collection intended to offer more women the possibility of owning a pair of shoes, which would closely match the colour of their skin. At about £600 a pair, Louboutin’s don’t come cheap but the fact that a luxury brand is recognizing a diverse spectrum of nudes is still a big deal.



The Louboutin ‘nude’ collection now appeals to more skin tones, with a wider colour palette of seven tone so there’s a nude red sole available for every woman, and now there’s Bianca Miller London hosiery to complement the heels. Nude hosiery can elongate the leg giving a final polish to your outfit without distracting from it.


Bianca Miller London hosiery offer 8 shades complementing at least 5 people per shade, skin tones ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African. Many make-up and lingerie labels have likewise extended their nude offering to have wider options, accompanied with nude shoes and matching hosiery you’ll have the perfect outfit no matter the occasion.

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By Lara Ekundayo