By Zainab Jalloh

At Bianca Miller London we love all things hosiery and with the launch of our new 15 denier black tights and 80 denier black tights, we’re asking what type you love to wear and why?


Nude: It’s known that nude tights are a bit like marmite; you either love or loathe them. To be fair, most people don’t know how to wear them, but since launching in Topshop Bianca Miller London nude hosiery is filling the wardrobes of the fashion-conscious. With a wide range of colours from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African, you can find your perfect shade and give your outfit that polished look!


Sheer: A fashion classic, sheer tights are a great way to make any look edgy in an instant. The 80s look is very popular with younger generations as it looks great with a micro-mini skirt and killer boots!

Bianca Miller London sheer tights will be the same luxurious quality as the nude tights and a necessity for those who want an elegant yet sexy look to their day or night wear!


Opaque: The appeal of opaque tights is vast because they work as a bold statement and are wearable for women of all ages and body shapes.

It’s definitely a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and at Bianca Miller London we are so excited to be offering opaque luxury tights, silky and smooth to touch. They are the most versatile to wear with any outfit!