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It’s always the great debate isn’t it – tights or no tights? If the Duchess of Cambridge is anything to go by, then they are most definitely a wearable wardrobe staple.

But there is something about nude hosiery that keeps us questioning; what, where, when and how? What shade, what denier, shadow toe, reinforced toe, sheen, sheer, and wait for it…gusset compression? Appropriate shoe pairing, acceptable hem length and justifiable weather even! Men beware, it’s a big decision, you could be kept waiting a while (and we haven’t started on the state of dilapidation).


Ultimately, when all is said and done, it comes down to shade and denier. You want to wear tights, but don’t want to look like you are wearing tights. It’s true, we’ve all had nylon nightmares in days gone by, but BBC Apprentice star Bianca Miller’s new range is helping to heal those old hosiery wounds with a full range of natural shades designed to compliment all skin tones and offer something for everyone at an accessible price point.

Her entrepreneurial wisdom is redefining the ‘nude leg’- from shades of English Rose to Sub-Saharan Africa, Bianca has tights and holdups delivering a credible solution for all women, answering all your pantyhose problems with one incredible product.

bianca miller london elys wimbledon


Colours have been carefully curated based on research to adequately cover an array of skin tones, the density of material means it suits over 45 skin tones and they literally appear ‘barely there’ with a 15 denier appearance. Good gusset design, clever shadow toe and delicate camouflage elements make these a winning choice.

Bianca herself is certainly belle of the ball. Making a guest appearance at Elys of Wimbledon on Saturday she colour matched legions of fans – 1 shade suits 7 (yes 7!) skin tones…every colour matched woman became an instant convert. We’re no longer just wearing tights, we’re wearing ‘Bianca Miller London…the ladies of Wimbledon have spoken.

bianca miller london elys wimbledon


Be careful however, there are always going to be strong dos and don’ts when it comes to the nude tight debate. Definitely dilapidate, no one wants spikes glinting through the gauze (and it’s not an excuse to grow a forest under the netting), never ever wear with sneakers or peep toes and please back away from any denier that make your legs resemble a horrific shade of Barbie plastic.


So if you’re pining for the perfect pantyhose, the best advice is select a suitable shade from Bianca’s range to deliver you a flawless leg look; opt for pinky based nudes for cool, reddy skins, while warm yellow nudes suit skin with yellow or olive undertones. What’s more, Bianca’s shade names are uber-cute; my faves are ‘latte’, ‘caramel’ and ‘powder’, so whether you want to sport Latte Legs, Caramel Curves or Powder Pins, let us all vote in favour of ‘The Tight’ in this great debate. Let’s #RedefineNude together.

Bianca Miller London launched in Elys of Wimbledon this weekend. Shop in-store or online at biancamillerlondon.com.

bianca miller london elys wimbledon