Nail Varnish

Nail varnish is a must have addition to your nail fashion. Every nail enthusist must experience this type of nail experience. Once you cross over in to the ways of varnish, you will be greeted with many types to choose from. Bright colors and matted ones. You can mix and match and pair with your favorite outfits. The lasting nature of varnish is one that can help you plan for weeks outward. Nail varnishes are here to stay.

Nail varnish can be worn in any color. The sky is the limit on the colors.  You will fall in love with the durability. And, it is perfect for when you ot get to the nail salon soon enough. It lasts!

What is Nail Varnish?

Nail varnish is a style to add to our nail wardrobe. If you are already a fan of nail varnish, then you know its benefits of beauty and long lasting sheen. If you are not yet on the nail varnish bandwagon. The benefits of nail varnish is that it can last longer and go through tougher times than regular nail polish. Nail varnish also helps to strengthen nails for longer. Nail varnish consists of the following:

  • Plasticizers to yield non-brittle films.
  • Dyes and pigments.
  • Opalescent pigments. The glittery/shimmer look in the color can be conferred by mica, bismuth oxychloride, natural pearls, and aluminum powder.
  • Adhesive polymers ensure that the nitrocellulose adheres to the nail’s surface. One modifier used is a resin.
  • Thickening agents are added to maintain the sparkling particles in suspension while in the bottle. The purpose of it is to strengthen nails, restore moisture to the nail, and/or help polish adhere to the nail.
  • Top coat – This type of nail polish is a clear colored polish formula that is used after applying nail polish to the nail. It forms a hardened barrier for the nail and can prevent chipping, scratching and peeling. Many top coats are marketed as “quick-drying.” It gives the polish a more finished and desired look and may help to keep the polish on for longer.


Nail Varnish Care

Wearing a nail varnish requires regular care and maintenance. It will draw attention, especially if the colour is bold. Have your nails well manicured and moisturized.

  • Avoid quick-dry top coats, which tend to chip. Instead, drip cuticle oil over each nail to decrease drying time.
  • Dry, dip an eye-shadow applicator (cotton swab will leave fuzz behind) in polish remover to clean up the skin around the nail beds once the polish is thoroughly.
  • To avoid chipping showing up on dark nails easier, run the brush across the very tip of each nail so that you’re almost painting the underside. After two minutes, brush on a top coat.


Bianca Miller Nails

Bianca Miller is a London based nail polish brand that caters to women of all complexions. You can find a wide selection of nail polishes to suit whatever look you are after.