Nail Polish Colours 2015

Attention,all nail polish colours lovers, get ready for a handful of pretty and wow. If you have not fallen in love with your nails you will now. If you tend to not polish them, for sure you will now. The nail polish colours of 2015 are going to entice you to lather on the colour.

Previous nail seasons said bold and dared others to look. Get ready for soft and natural with a pop of bold. Gentle earth tones and soft pastels was the preferred look of the past seasons. Below we share some of the 2015 trends.

Extremely light hues – all white to soft neutrals create a sexy allure bout at the same time can present innocence.

Soft Pastels – Pretty light colors continue to turn heads in the form of girly pastels.

An overly embellished nail design – the poop has arrived! Soft with a few surprises.

Gold Stripes – Designers loved adding a simple gold strip to many of their nail looks.

Floral Inspired Designs- Nails featuring floral designs were huge on the runway, and the perfect look to say hello spring!

Nail polish colours 2015 have spoken and now your nails are ready to glisten. It is going to be a lot of tr

Care for Nail Polish Colours 2015

Wearing a dark nail polish will draw attention. Have your nails well manicured and moisturized.

  • Apply a ridge-filling base coat to even out surface.
  • To save time use a base and ridge filler in one.
  • Base coat also protects nails. Dark colors can stain or yellow nails.

Chipping can show up on dark nails easier. To avoid such a thing, run the brush across the very tip of each nail so that you’re almost painting the underside. After two minutes, brush on a top coat.

Avoid quick-dry top coats, which tend to chip. Instead, drip cuticle oil over each nail to decrease drying time.

Once the polish is thoroughly dry, dip an eye-shadow applicator (cotton swab will leave fuzz behind) in polish remover to clean up the skin around the nail beds.


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