Nail Colours for Summer

Want to know what are the best nail art trends for summer? Then read our guide to all the trendy and chic nail colours for summer.

At Bianca Miller, We offer an extensive range of nail polishes and colours, including gel nail and summer nail colours. Our nail technicians have acquired the best training required to provide premium nail services.

Orange Nail Colours for Summer
Most shades of orange work amazing for summer a pale orange, but a pale pastel orange, something like a cross between peach and salmon works quite nicely if you are conscious about an appropriate colourfor work. Coral is also another great colour especially in the summer.

Yellow Nail Colours for Summer
Like orange, yellow is an absolute No-No But if you must wear yellow, limit it to a very pale version of a mustard yellow almost to the point of off-white, then you can go for. Like orange, keep this look to a minimum. Don’t make your look for the month.

Green Nail Colours for Summer
Though green isn’t as loud and intense as yellow, finding a work- appropriate green can be a problem. A dark olive green might not be a bad idea to experiment with. With Green we might be able to avoid a little shininess but when in doubt, keep a matte finish.

Chameleon Nails for Summer

Do you know that there are nail polishes with the powers of a chameleon – that’s right, they can change colours. Look unique with the colour changing nail trend offered by chameleon nails – they give your nails multiple colours as they catch the sunlight. Your nails wear a different colour each time you look at them. Your Fresh Lifestyle nail technician will give you tips on how best to maintain your nail colour, so it lasts longer.

Blue Nail Colours for Summer
This one is a bit tricky, order levitra from canada while it would not be the first choice, some shades like navy or a pale aqua marine will do quite nicely for summer. If you need a blue choice for your work, you can either go matte or shiny. Ideally save this for a cool day at the office. That means no meeting and you’re going to be stuck at your desk. Blue goes well will gold jewelry and is a very chic look for work and night time fun.

Purple Nail Colours for Summer
Here the lighter and calmer the purple the better for everyone. This is another beautiful summer colour that has a few and far in between duration for wear. Try blending your blues with purple for a more denim effect.

White Nail Colours for Summer
White nail polish is fine any day, anywhere. While it can be a tad boring, you can rest assured that they are appropriate for both work and outdoors.

Colour Blocking Nail Colours for Summer

You can make your nail colour more colourful and dramatic with some beautiful nail arts. Try out our gel nail colours for a high shine, fast drying formulation. Paint one nail blue, another yellow for a beautiful colour blocking effect.

This summer, black nail colours are trending! Black nail colours are normally used for nail art and for adding a design on eye-catching colour. You can use a matte nail colour as a background then add a block of black for a trendy look.

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