Nail Color Trends

What is the color on your nails right now? How many times have you changed your nail color within the last month? It is all important when taking in to consideration nail color trends. Nail color trends are a way to stay up to date and stay fashionable. The trends may be the color with embellishments or the nail color trends may be simple and quiet. Your nail color says a lot and we wanted to know more about these trends.

Nail color trends do not simply have one definitive lane. The trends can look like a mix of styles and colors. At times the trends can be as simple as one color. Nail color trends continue to evolve and change with our fashion tastes and style. We have reviewed some colors below. Each on can be used separately or as a part of a pair or ensemble to get the desired look.

  • Rose – it can be so many personalities. From a wedding to going to the cafe, you can feel pretty in rose. Rose colors can be soft, towards the pink pastel side and do not disappoint.
  • Black – just as with clothing, black has a great base to do other things from. In 2016 black stole the show and became the center of attention while on our nails. The little black dress makes an appearance on our nails and foes not disappoint us. It can be glammed up or simplified, but black is in for 2016.
  • Natural – not just bare, but appearing to be bare. The sexiness of flesh is always alluring. The eyes stare a little longer as it plays a trick of seduction and a hint of teasing. A flesh color matched with a white line or another bold color to contrast with the natural side.
  • Orange – add some flair to your nails. Trying the darker oranges worked best against most skin types. The orange is like the burst it exemplified: the sun, laughter, energy! If paired with the right outfit it can also be a bustling romantic.
  • Using white as a base is a good idea for fall. Its crispness reminds you of the next season, which is winter. A brown tip against a crisp white background scream that the fall season has arrived.
  • Add embellishments such as 3D art or even the simplicity of a jewel, on to the nail.

Nail Color Trends Care

Wearing a finger polish requires regular care and maintenance. It will draw attention, especially of the colour is bold. Have your nails well manicured and moisturized.

  • Avoid quick-dry top coats, which tend to chip. Instead, drip cuticle oil over each nail to decrease drying time.
  • Apply a ridge-filling base coat to even out surface.
  • To save time use a base and ridge filler in one.
  • Base coat also protects nails. Dark colors can stain or yellow nails.
  • Dry, dip an eye-shadow applicator (cotton swab will leave fuzz behind) in polish remover to clean up the skin around the nail beds once the polish is thoroughly.
  • To avoid chipping showing up on dark nails easier, run the brush across the very tip of each nail so that you’re almost painting the underside. After two minutes, brush on a top coat.


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