Maroon nail color


Which color suits you best? Which nail color do you always find yourself warming to no matter what, it seems to work? It is cumbersome to always be thinking on which colors bring out the best in our skin. When choosing nail colours, we must take mind the meaning of the color, the occasion, and our mood. It can take a while to decide which nail color will be used for a manicure or pedicure.

Magazines, television, and the internet are full of choices for nail colors. We are motivated by colors. It inspires us and enhances the mood. Extending this to our nails is a fun beauty perk.

One color that seems to never disappoint most of us is maroon. Maroon roots the extrovert and introvert alike. It is an expression with many meanings behind it. Maroon is a warm color. The combination of reds and purples make it appear to be darker. With more brown hues it can look darkly seductive. The darker shade comes about from the other dark colors. This tends to have a more mature vibe. Many tend to believe this color demands respect.

The strength and regal nature of the maroon nail color give a sense of control. It is easy to wear this color for a night out on the town. The confidence booster is a good feeling.

Maroon Nail Color Manicures

  • Manicures specifically for wearing maroon colors are chic. There is more than one way to wear this color. Let’s review some ways for your next manicure:
  • French manicure with maroon tip. Classic and elegant. You could also use white or silver at the finhertio and on top of the maroon.
  • Matte maroon colors is an elegant approach. Add embellishments for effect.
  • Make use of the maroon with it as the background then add silver embellishments.

Skin tones do not seem to matter with maroon nail colors. They all thrive while wearing this seductive color. Again, a certain type of maturity is shown when wearing this nail color.

How to Match Maroon Nail Polish with an Outfit

Want a hot fashion look that fits in well with your maroon nail polish? If so, picking out your nail polish according to your outfit, depends a lot on the type of your clothes. Are most of your clothes colourful? If so, there are colors such as yellow and cream that go very well with maroon. They can have huge contrast, but when paired together they actually look fabulous.

If the majority of your clothes are printed, even better. Bohemian prints match very well with Maroon. In fact, go for a one color tone maroon, and make sure that it matches your outfit and does not contrast with it.

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