Look sophisticated in Dark Green Tights

City dwellers will agree that tights are wardrobe staples.  They provide a little bit of warmth for the English weather and enhance the look of tall boots and heels.  They also allow one to get away with not shaving one’s legs for a day or two without shame.

Dark green tights are sometimes considered not as safe as black tights, which doesn’t mean they are not desired by many. So here are a couple of tips to help you look chic and sophisticated, not childish or dated.

Keep your dark green tights are in good shape

To ensure that your outfit looks sophisticated, check that your tights are in good shape. Before wearing them, examine them closely for any unsightly runs or holes. If you see even the tiniest snag, know that it will become a shredded mess before the end of the day. Another quick tip? Bring out some clear nail polish or hairspray. According to a blog dedicated to dancers who high-kick in tights on a nightly basis, applying these products will keep the hole from getting any bigger.

Which dark green tights?

In picking dark green tights, know if you are after thin tights or thicker tights. Guess it all depends on the season, right?  Thinner tights spread out across the thicker parts of your legs and can sometimes draw attention to every detail of your shape, so they are best left for Autumn or spring time.

Thicker dark green tights are more slimming, and give sleeker and more sophisticated look.   How’s this for a simple tip, the shorter your hemline, the more opaque your tights need to be. Generally, opaque tights have a denier of 40 or more here 70 is recommended – a denier of less than 30 is likely to be sheer. Sheer tights are fine when you’re wearing knee-high boots and showing only a little bit of leg.

Finding the right dark green tights

Also, you might want to go a size up on your dark green tights because the smaller your tights are, the more pressure you place on the fibers and the more likely they are to get damaged. You may also want to look for tights that have the added function of acting as a body shaper as well as hiding your panty lines.

Next. There’s a little rule stylist advice when it comes to wearing tights. It’s called the two out of three rule. This allows you to look classy. The rule simply says that your tights must either match the colour of your shoes or the colour of your skirt or dress. Doing this gives you a more elongated graceful look.

If you are wearing a dark green tight, you should wear black shoes.  If you want to pair a burgundy pump with navy tights think about matching the tights to a navy skirt or dress.  While this rule may permit you to pair a black shoe with gray opaque tights and a black skirt, you will achieve a more sophisticated look if the matching items are touching or right after each other.

Lastly, to keep looking new you should hand wash them and let them air dry as the heat from washers and dryers tend to reduce their elasticity.