Lacquer nails

Polish, varnish, lacquer. Wherever you were from you use this item to give your nails a goose of shine or color. Lacquer can help nails too grow and strengthens them. Lacquers come in many shades and colors to suit every mood and occasion.

Lacquer Nails for Growth

Nail growth is important. Without healthy nails, no matter what is polished on the nail it will not look good. Soy proteins, collagen, and vitamin B5 are used in lacquers. These aid in a stronger nail and try to prevent the nail from being brittle. Lacquer is available in many colors or can be worn naturally. The high shine will make the nails look more attractive. Some lacquers have gliders inside too, and more special effects.

Lacquer alone may not grow a healthy set of nails. Some other factors are to stay hydrated and a proper and balanced diet. All of these things together play a part in having nice nails. Lacquer nails will be stronger with all of these key components in place.

Lacquer Nails Information

Lacquer is widely used for beauty. Some health experts have, however, expressed concern over the ingredients. The chemicals used in lacquer are varied. Solvents such as ethyl acetate give the liquid base. Resins make it bond to the nail and stay in place. Health experts have warned of the harmful effects of certain ingredients. Rest assured in knowing that when you see a product is toluene, formaldehyde and dibuttl phthalate (DBT) free, then it is safe. ESE chemicals have carcinogenic effects when inhaled in large quantities. New formulations have been encouraged. Be on the look out.

How to Match Nail Hot Colours to Your Outfit

In the cases where you are unsure of how to match hot nail polish to your outfit, always stick to one tone colours, or else you run the risk of your style looking to ‘busy’. If the majority of your clothes are printed, even better. Bohemian prints match very well with various nail colours. In fact, go for a one color tone, and make sure that it matches your outfit and does not contrast with it.

Picking out your nail polish according to your outfit, depends a lot on the type of clothes you stock. Are most of your clothes colourful? If so, there are hot nail colors such as yellow and pink that go very well. Try opting for a colour block effect and avoid mixing busy nail art with printed clothes. They can have huge contrast, but when paired together they actually look fabulous.

Bianca Miller London Nail Polish

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