Importance of Nail Glaze

Nail glaze can possibly be the most rewarding beauty regimen. It is affordable and the results are phenomenal. You can change up your mood in an instant. You can switch up colors and styles to match your outfits. But have you ever wondered how nail glaze began? Who was sitting around playing with their nails and decided that to paint them is a god idea? We thought the same and started a search for the beginning of nail glaze.

The roots are within China and Egypt.  Both records appear about the same time, so the consensus is that both nations were doing this independent of the other. Also, in both places it was the fingernail painting we have grown to love and adore today. It was nail staining.

The Past of Nail Glaze

In China and in Egypt nail staining became a part off a person’s status. Only the wealthy people could afford to do such things. The staining would go on to denote status and power within the ranks. It would also establish a clear boundary amongst the wealthy and poor as rules were set in place that only the wealthy could wear certain types of stains. Some families went as far as to say that a certain color could only be worn by them. If anyone was found with this cheap xanax necklace contraband color they were severely punished.

And Nail Glaze Today

We are glad that nail glazing nobility fell away so that more people can enjoy having their fingernails painted. Initially the nail paints we know started in the 1930s. The original formula was not good and reworked over the years. By the 1940s the formula was perfected and the spiral of artistry on our fingertips began. But in essence, nail art and creativity was not noticed until black Americans coined long talons and it was labeled as being “ghetto”, in the 1990s. From there nails took on a new dimension and it shows today.

Nail glaze today is more liberating and is a beautiful mix of art and cleanliness. Go ahead, express yourself with some fingernail painting. The Pinterest and Instagram board are filled with fingernail painting information Load up on your bottles of nail polish.


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