Gel nails Vs. Acrylic nails – Which One is for You?

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to grow long strong nail that wither at the slightest contact with water therefore for many of us artificial nails are the way to go. The common types of artificial nails are gel nails and acrylic nail. Both are better than stick-ons so the question is what the differences are.

Here at Bianca Miller Nails, we will help you make the best choice of artificial nails, with the following useful information:

Gel nails

They are like acrylic nails in that they have the strength of acrylic nails, yet the appear more natural. They involve the painting the nail with the gel in like you would use nail polish in that there is a base coat, polish colour and a top coat. The difference here is that unlike acrylic nails gel nails only harden when exposed to UV light. IT sits under the UV light for two to three minutes to be cured.

Occasional gel manicures do not pose a serious threat to nail health; however, short-term risks include damaged nails that due to the length of time the formula is kept on nails. Though the nails are able to grow without the interference of everyday wear and tear like wash and cleaning, gel manicures weaken the nail bed, taking away any progress of growth while the gel formula was on the nail.

It’s hard to pin down the long term effects of the gel nail technology because it is a new technology however continuous exposure to UV lights have risen concerns when it comes to aging and skin cancer, even if these risks are small. Premature aging to the backs of hands can include wrinkles, dark spots, and light spots, also known as actinic keratosis.

Acrylic Nails

The nail itself is not acrylic. Rather, a plastic nail is glued to your finger and painted with a mixture of the acrylic powder and liquid. It hardens almost immediately. It is then filed to shape, buffed, oiled and painted. It can take a while.

While both types of nails undergo chemical process to bond to the natural nail, there are some differences that may make you choose one over the other. Gel and acrylic nails have similar results. They both lengthen short nails, strengthen nails, and make your fingers look longer and more slender. If you break an acrylic nail you can almost always fix it yourself at home.

The removal process is simple and straightforward when performed by a professional. The nails can be soaked rather than filed off. Acrylics are very strong. When done correctly and with proper nail care, they can last up to a month and are very robust. Acrylic nail application tends to cost less than gel nail application. On the down side, they can damage your nail bed, and according to which can create a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.

Acrylics may look less natural than gel nails, especially if applied incorrectly with a bulky top. The application process involves strong chemicals and fumes – pregnant women are advised not to use acrylic nails during pregnancy.

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