Fingernail Colors

Fingernail colors have come a long way from being a stain on the nails. Nail stains used to be more in than nail colors. And, men and women wore nail stains to show their status. When thinking of it like this, not much has changed except fingernail colors have grown and progressed. Putting nail polish on nails began as a status symbol. Royalty wore color stains in order to assert their position and to show off their status. Some royalty went as far as to ban others from wearing certain colors. They would claim the color stains as one designated only for their family and those caught with such stains or colors were punished.

Fingernail Colors Now

With no limitations we have become creative in our nail polish and nail art. We spend hours perusing sites for nail polish on nails inspiration. Status, fashion, and the ability to do so are all a part of a look.

Nail polish changing can be for any reason – from basic self care to a wedding or just a special night out. In fact, we don’t need reasons to paint our nails. If only for the love of seeing colors on our hands and the true liking of seeing what was created. Fingernail colors are truly fascinating!

Fingernail colors also bring about moods, complete outfits, and speak volumes about one’s self care methods. A person can get noticed when wearing fingernail colors.

Care for Fingernail Colors

Have your nails well manicured and moisturized for the best nail care. Wearing a dark nail polish will draw attention. Avoid quick-dry top coats, which tend to chip. Instead, drip cuticle oil over each nail to decrease drying time. Apply a ridge-filling base coat to even out surface. To save time use a base and ridge filler in one. Base coat also protects nails. Dark colors can stain or yellow nails.

Chipping can show up on dark nails easier. To avoid such a thing, run the brush across the very tip of each nail so that you’re almost painting the underside. After two minutes, brush on a top coat. Once the polish is thoroughly dry, dip an eye-shadow applicator (cotton swab will leave fuzz behind) in polish remover to clean up the skin around the nail beds.


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