Fancy Tights for Any Occasion

Fancy tights have a long history dating back to the medieval times, when they were worn by both men and women. Nowadays, the thought of a man wearing tights just makes us chuckle.

Modern day tights not only come in a range of fabrics, colors and styles, but they also come in a range of finishes such as matte or fancy tights. When it comes to the topic of fancy tights, there is so much to be discussed.

Whether you are searching for the best fancy tights for work, a night on the town or for your weekend rounds, there are rules that one need to be aware of. fancy tights are not a one type fits all affair. Whether you are conservative or wild, this will give you a breakdown of etiquette for wearing glossy tights.

Quick look at materials fancy tights

The materials that fancy tights are made from include nylon, cotton and Lycra blends. Each type of tights has its unique benefits.

Fancy tights come with a denier rating that can be both very low or very high. The denier tells you how think the material of the tights are and generally anything over 20 is considered opaque

Some glossy tights are more retro, sexy and reminiscent of the 1950s. They are a great accessory for formal occasions, or nights out on the town and can be dressed up or down. Do note however that unless they are black, retro glossy tights may be better suited for casual days out of the office.

There are some glossy tights available in a footless version, such as athletic tights or casual wear tights. This style is a good way to revamp any outfit and are popular with fashion models and celebrities. Be sure not confuse them with leggings

Suspender fancy tights are the essential classy option and are very feminine as well. They are normal worn more symbolic ways than practical ways. Some tights have a finish that is so shiny it appears wet. These glossy tights look great with high heels and a pair of short shorts but are better suited to wearing at night.

How to look after fancy tights

If you want to extend the life of your fancy tights, begin by buying tights that are at least 15 percent or spandex, because they last longest. To keep them looking great and run-free, the solution is to freeze them. Run tights under water, wring them out and place them in a freezer bag in the freezer for 24 hours. Freezing tights will strengthen the fibers. After 24 hours, let the tights thaw out naturally. The tights will be stronger, and their lifespan extended up to a year.

Though this is usually an honest mistake tights are not the same as Although one may own a thick pair of tights for those very cold days, they are still not leggings. Leggings have no feet, whereas tights always have feet. Leggings are designed to be worn as a sort of trousers under overlarge sweaters, whereas glossy tights are accessories worn under dresses, skirts or pants.

We can all agree that are not the best choice of tights for any occasion. If one is seeking a nude look, perhaps nude tone stockings would be a better option. Tights are made with a higher thread count. They are thicker than pantyhose. Tights are meant to be seen and nude tights defeat this purpose