Dark Nail Colours

The magic of nail colors can be seen in the hours we spend looking at nail designs and art. We want a piece of that magic with us so we head to the salon to get our own unique style or to mimick a new trend.

Many of us tend to go for soft pinks and pastel nail colours but dark nail colors have their place in the color spectrum. There is more to it than just wearing black. They are a statement of boldness and are part of a spectrum of other colors that are dark too. When wanting to wear dark nail colours, there is a change in attitude and delivery. Suddenly wings are bolder statements of our true selves, and when applying dark nail colours, there is a mood shift. You declare a bold statement. Your attitude changes and you still smile, but there is something more lurking at the tips of your fingernails. Dark colours are simplymagical.

Here at Bianca Miller Nails, we scoured the internet looking for the beset dark nail colours and of course we found black colours. There were plenty shades of black that were gorgeous and they are more than just simply black. Let’s review what we found below.

Dark Nail Color Trends

The trends for dark colors fit for formal and casual settings. The colors are magnificent.

If you’re a black polish lover, but want to subtly switch things up, Chanel Orage is the color for you. It is intense and velvety, the shade glides on with perfect opacity and leaves a moody winter look.

Dark Chocolates. Not the favorite sweet candy, but any nail color with this name. Its chocolatey without being too brown. Try the one by Chanel Le Vernis.

Zoya has an electric blue that is high gloss and is true blue.

Dark burgundy makes a come back from the 90s. Try the one by Essie Wicked.

Purples are always a sexy surprise. Instead of black, try Smith & Cult’s Filth Noir nail colour.

Whichever dark nail colour you choose make it work for you. Add some designs or embellishments. Or, keep it plain and simple. Dark nail colours seem to work on many skin tones, so there will only be the beauty of you reflected.

Bianca Miller London Nail Polish

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