Color Nylons

Stockings, tights, nylons, what is the difference? The choices are many when you need a certain leg style and type. Since the nineties ladies have made a turn back to their hosiery roots. Hosiery and nylons were worm as a part of staying classy and keeping up a certain appearance. As times changed, so did expectations and customs. By the late 80s women were turning from the old fashioned and emblazoned a path to bare legs instead.

Nowadays, wearing stockings and nylons is a sexy move. A lady may add color nylons to her lingerie drawer for various reasons. None of the reasons have to be because of societal decorum.

What are Color Nylons?

Nylon were initially created as a synthetic silk for women’s stockings. The one piece pantyhose we see today was not introduced until the 1960s. Over 72000 pairs were purchased in the USA on the first day! They were called a miraclke fiber and were advertised as less prone to snags and runs. This turned out to be false.

The intent for creating nylons was stop make the stocking less expensive. Additionally, it was to be an alternative to silk, have insulation, and some strength. In 1939 nylons were introduced and in 1940 they were available throughout the country. Back then nylons were individually worn, pulled to the thighs, and then fastened with a garter and belt.

Today you can find nylons everywhere! You can find them in the grocery store, in the clothing department store, and online in many internet based stores. Ladies do not have to stand in long lines today, as supply is plenty. Color nylons are available in so many colors – from skin tones to the brightest yellows and greens. Color nylons can be worn with all ensembles and outfits to dress up or to cover legs that are not up to par for the moment.

How to Wear Color Nylons

Wearing color nylons can be tricky in the office. Avoid complimentary colors that are not too bright such as black and brown. Make certain patterns are not too many so as to avoid a noisy outfit. Make certain your brown wool tights are snag free and lint free.

You can feel confident and relaxed in your casual setting when wearing color nylons. dressed up or down .  Have a little fun and choose some bold colors to finish your outfit. Colors can give a punch to an otherwise drab ensemble. With so many choices in tights you do not have to be dull.

Bianca Miller Tights

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