Color Fishnet Stockings

Feeling like you want to add a bit of 1950s nostalgia or sexiness to your wardrobe? Hold on to your color fishnet stockings. Reclaim the sexiness and add a pair of the slinkiest color fishnet stockings to your ensemble.  Add color fishnet stockings to your lingerie drawer and you will bring out sexier version of yourself. The spacing in between, the peeks of flesh, and the color are all ready to take your outft to the next level. Color fishnet stockings are a perfect addition to every woman’s lingerie drawer and a hint of her naughty side.

What Are Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings have diamond shaped holes in them. They can be worn as a waisted stocking, thigh high stocking or a full body stocking.  They are available in many colors, but it is usually seen in black. Thick black stockings cover everything. Fishnets, on the other hand, conceal but also reveal. The goth and punk practitioners use it as a part of their fashion statement and you may also find mainstream people wearing color fishnets too. Additionally, wearing fishnets is considered to be a sexy garment and a fetish.

History of Color Fishnet Stockings

The nineties made ladies want to be rid of stockings on their legs, but times have changed. Ladies are feeling they want an extra layer of sexiness and color fishnet stockings are perfect. These are not the same stockings from the 1950s. There is more to it than just fishnet.  Now, you can have control, no sagging, and plenty of color choices.

In the past, ladies were forbidden to show any part of their legs. Any woman who dared to show her ankles or any part of her legs was often judged. To see a ladies’ ankles was to see something enticing. It is a bit of taboo mixed with a false attempt to be conservative. Fishnet stockings show enough skin to be a strong desire and It has been noted in history books where ladies were being daring and covered with fishnet instead of showing themselves bare. Hence, why the color fishnet stocking is a tantalizing sight.

Color fishnet stockings have made their mark in our wardrobes. If you are a fan,then you know the feeling of slipping these stockings on.

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