Blue Nail Colors

Feeling blue lately? Is it a different type of blue?. Do not think low feelings and sadness, but think colorful nails. Succumb and give in to the blue with some blue nail colors. Blue is such an expressive color. From hair colours to nail colours, various different  shades of blues seems to be taking over make up bags and magazines. We could not help but notice and were in awe at this blue take over. Blue has crept on to our fingernail interests and we are intrigued. We had to dig deeper in to our love affair with nail colors.

Nail polish as we know it today came about after the invention of paint for automobiles. Michelle Menard is the person credited with the current state of fingernail polishes. She worked for Revlon. A series of colors were created and we bump along to now where thousands of colors await for us to pair with the perfect outfit.

Blue nail colors have taken over and are making their mark. Unlike the 90s, the new blues are more delicate and softer. We wanted to be here for this blue revolution and got our manicure sets ready. Join us for this ride of blues.

Reviewing Blue Nail Colors Trends

The take over is happening and you can join the blue wave. There are so many different types of blue to choose from. You do not have to get stuck in only one type of blue. There are a rainbow of blues to dive in to.

There are some that will make your hands look like a diva and some which will not. Let’s take a look at the overview:

  • Fading blues will clash with pale skin.
  • Be creative! Add designs or several layers ton see how deep your chosen blue nail color can go.
  • Burberry’s Stone Blue is an easy to sport azure. This is reminiscent of beaches in Tahiti and you will want to don this color more regularly.
  • Nama-Stay by Essie is an energetic cobalt. The name is cute enough to want to try it.
  • Opt for a squoval (square and oval shape) shape or medium nails instead of long nails. A good medium and balance for shaping nails.

Another trend to take notice of is that your blue nail colors do not have to exactly match what you are wearing. That would be a tad bit boring. It is best to mix and match. Try blues with whites and greys. Celebrities such as Janet Jackson and Nikki Minaj step forward with trendy mixes of blues with colorful dresses and ensembles. Dress it up formally or informally, but do not stand on the sidelines. Blue requires you to jump all the way in.

Take the plunge in to the blue side. There are so many shades of blue to choose from. You can use a combination of two or more shades of blue in simple stripes and have a whole new look. Blue is already radically perfect in its own nail color world.

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