All You Need to Know About Thick Wool Tights

The fashion sometimes considered cool and other times considered drab and boring. But nowadays, hosiery can be less drab to wear and giving designers the opportunity to start trends. No matter how much hate is geared towards hosiery, there are times when they need to be worn simply out of necessity. So as the old saying goes out of necessity has come the different invention and variations of leg wear designs.

From colored ribbed knits to greys and blacks, the fall runways were overflowing with thick wool tights in every color and style, which, might we add, is always a welcome notion, when considering how cold the winter winds can be. As fall and winter are upon us, here is some further information on buying, caring and wearing thick wool tights .

Buying the right thick wool tights

When you think of the perfect fit, the most important fact is length. They will ride down if they are too small and if they are too large they will fold up and hang in awkward places. So, when purchasing thick wool tights, always go for a slightly larger fit, to avoid any pulling.

Choosing the right  thick wool tights  comes down to personal preference. When going out bare leg isn’t an option, ensure your chosen shade matches your skin tone perfectly else it can completely age you. Most people frown upon this but if worn as tasteful as thick wool tights are some we wouldn’t mind seeing often.

Thick wool tights  can be worn with most colours, but look best when worn black with dark coloured skirts and dresses. You can also try throwing on a brightly coloured coat to offset the black monochrome. Most often, the thick wool tights  are not meant to be noticed and are just used to complete the outfit. Picking a thick wool tights is always the safest bet.

When is it best to wear thick wool tights?

Thick wool tights offer a throwback and are now in vogue now. Older women must be careful with this, so they don’t look too dated – with either shorts or ankle boots, they add an instant edginess if worn right. If you must do colour, matching tights add a bit of a lively touch to a tonal outfit. It is strongly advised that one sticks closely to the same colour palette to create the illusion of longer legs and just looks less tacky.

When pairing your thick wool tights  with skirt, keep things elegant by wearing a knee length skirt with ankle boots or pumps. Sometimes it’s nice to see a bit of leg, in order to avoid that frump granny look.

While individual style sets the tone.  Etiquette is key. Keep in mind these dos and don’ts to ensure that whenever you wear tights, not only are they season appropriated, they are also style and trend appropriated.

Washing & caring for thick wool tights

Despite what you may think about thick wool tights, they are not mean to be cheap therefore when you do spend on them care must be taken to ensure their longevity. Wash with care ideally in a wash bag and for heaven’s sake do not tumble dry as this will out rightly destroy your hosiery. Instead hang and a clothes rack and don not used a peg

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