By Zainab Jalloh

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Super-bright complementary colours are this season’s must do! Keep both hands on your colour-wheel and play around with daring combinations. Think cobalt blue and ox-blood, forest green and Cadbury purple for a striking look! Whether you’re going for a quiet, utilitarian look or a brash and loud party girl, dare to be unique, which you definitely can with this trend.

I love this trend because it’s flamboyant enough for spring/summer and can be adapted into a more subdued look for autumn/winter. If you’re like me and love a bit of yellow, marigold has been a hit this season, paired with hounds-tooth tapered trousers and your favourite heels!

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Drape yourself with luscious velvets! It’s been a sought after fabric as chokers, decadent dresses and comfy jumpers. This time there’s a major emphasis on big prints and appliqué! Think more Ottoman-inspired designs to best wear the trend. For your day look pair velvet accessories to shake-up your normal work wear, or opt for a velvet skirt that will give your basics a pop of colour/layer of texture.

Personally, I think this trend is a great way to combine sumptuous fabrics without overdoing it. There’s something elegant and yet boastful about velvet. It allows its wearers to feel like royalty and I love it! Fill your wardrobe with some needed party pieces and basics you’ll be wearing all year round!

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Tweed has been given a feminine make-over! Think a boss look that oozes sex-appeal or lounge-wear that’s edgy and traditional. Tweed has often been a staple and with the emphasis on form-fitting silhouettes, more women are likely to revamp their work wardrobes with sensual tweed! As different colours are woven into the tweed fabric it means it’s even more versatile and can go with a variety of outfits!


This fashion week, London was in full bloom! Think blousy satin florals and microflorals to embellish your spring/summer wardrobes. There’s a life that hits us in London when our skies are filled with sunshine and parks with a lush green. It means spring is here and we’ve overcome the season of being wet and cold. It also means we get to throw on our florals that fill us with nostalgia of the good times. The past spring and summer that filled us with so much fashion fun and festivals!

I dress really feminine and nothing says girly, hippie-chic like a floral dress and hair garland.

Credit: Indigital

Pockets are here to make a statement this season, and their making a BIG one! It’s no longer about the convenience of somewhere to put your keys, or lip sticks or chewing gum! There are giant-round pockets hidden in ladylike dresses, giving the models an elegant slouch that can be both utilitarian and edgy at the same time.

This trend can be quite quirky and if you’re like me and are daring enough to step out in something a little daring, accentuate your style with these pockets. Why not try a blouse with statement pockets or casual denim jeans?